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Husbands - Are You Contributing to your Wife's Unhappiness

5 Ways to Help Your Unhappy and Unresponsive Wife


There are so many factors that contribute to an unhappy wife. Most can be fixed by you if you pay careful attention to what is happening in your household while others are medical and need external intervention. No matter what is causing the unhappiness most husbands say that, if his wife is unhappy, the entire household is generally unhappy. Therefore, we will show you 5 ways to have a happy and healthy relationship with your wife.

1.  Make Her Life a Joy And Not a  Burden

Many wives are overwhelmed and downright over worked. Maybe she is feeling stressed with the household chores, the children and meeting all of your emotional and physical needs. Ask yourself, what can I do around the house to make her life a bit easier, especially if she also has a 9 to 5 job. Offer to do the dishes, pick up the kids from school, and be in charge of preparing a meal on weekends or any other activity that can lighten her load. Do not wait for her to ask, be sensitive and proactive.  Trust me, if she is stressed and unhappy, she will not be in the mood to have sex or show any form of affection.

2.     Show Lots Of Affection

It is easy for you to sometimes hold back your affection and encouragement when you find that you have an unhappy wife. However, this is the time you need to be even more affectionate. This is the time she needs all the love and support she can get. Do not write her off as being selfish. Let her know how much you love and appreciate her. What special thing have you done for her lately? Take her some roses, chocolate, take her dancing, arrange a bubble bath with candles so that she can relax and rejuvenate.


3.     Take The Time To Listen

Usually, an unhappy wife is one who is not listened to. She feels she has to literally tie you to a chair to get you to hear what she has to say and this can be very frustrating. Some husbands may say, but I am willing to sit and listen. However, after closer inspection you realize that they do not know the difference between hearing and listening. Just sitting there is not listening. Listening is being able to genuinely respond to her concerns or being able to remember what she said 5 minutes ago.

4.     Leave Work At Work

Too many couples allow their job to interfere with their family life. Sometimes this practice can cause your spouse to feel neglected or unhappy. This may not be your intention but it happens. All you talk about is work. Sometimes it is because you really love what you do and another time it is because you are just trying to make enough money to support your family. If you are guilty of this practice take some time this week and apologize to your wife for neglecting her. Let her know you realized how much your preoccupation with your work has been hurting her and that you are going to ensure that she and the children (if you have any) will now come first. You can add to this based on your individual situation.

5.     Find Out If She is Really Unhappy Or Genuinely Depressed
Some wives experience:

Postpartum Depression - This can occur a few days or many months after giving birth. This is a medical problem; hence no matter how hard you try to make her happy you may not see changes. If this is the case you need to ensure that she gets medical attention, whether she thinks she needs it or not. Do your own research to see if her actions match the symptoms of this kind of depression.  

Dysthymia Depression - A form of clinical depression which is more common in women than men. It causes low energy, uneasy sleeps etc.

Major Depression - This is a serious medical illness. More women than men also suffer from this type of depression and may affect your wife's physical health, mood and behavior.

Now that you are a bit more informed on how to make your wife happy ensure that you take the time to implement the steps. Do not wait until it is too late.

By Lesia Gregory
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